2017-18 K2 iKonic 84ti

Original price was: $899.95.Current price is: $659.00.

The K2 iKonic 84Ti makes an excellent ride for the advanced to expert skier looking for smooth and easy carves on the frontside of the mountain. This season K2 has made a couple of tweaks to the Konic Technology to improve the stability and edge hold by adding a bit more metal to the construction of the 84Ti. Konic Technology pulls heavier material away from the center of the ski and reinforces it over the edges for a lower swing weight and a higher transmission of energy. A Carbon Spyne adds extra strength and energy to the ski, while actually reducing the total weight. If you want stability and smooth skiing for short to medium radius turns on the frontside of the mountain, the new K2 iKonic 84Ti will be the perfect ride for you. MSRP $1100.