2017-18 K2 BFC W 80


The K2 BFC 80 women’s ski boots are created with the developing intermediate skier in mind. As you get going with the sport you quickly realize that owning equipment is the cost-effective way to be involved (not to mention it’s much less smelly). K2’s BFC 80’s prioritize warmth and fit, while incorporating some of the technology that makes K2’s highest performing ski boots so great.  The CushFit boot liner is awesomely soft. It’s low density allows it to trap warm air and surround your feet and lower legs in a cozy micro-climate. PowerFuse Spyne technology with Energy Interlock was engineered to deliver lateral stiffness to boots of variable forward Flex Ratings. The modern ski turn depends much more heavily on your ability to roll the ski over, where as 15 years ago it was all about getting your weight forward. As a result of this change the BFC 80’s can provide both the forgiveness to help you recover from a turn that is made with less than perfect technique, while also delivering the rigidity required for control. MSRP $450.