Elan Amphibio 80 xTi 2017

Original price was: $950.00.Current price is: $525.00.

The Elan Amphibio 80 XTi makes a perfect option for the aggressive skier looking for lighting quick turn initiation and stability on the frontside of the mountain. Elan’s 4D Construction is made with a convex shape across the topsheet in front of the binding platform and concave shape behind the binding platform dampen out vibrations and deliver one smooth ride, no matter how firm the terrain is. Amphibio Rocker uses a rockered inside edge in the tip and traditional cambered edge on the outside edge of dedicated right and left skis for a quick engagement into the turn. Dual Shaped XTI Laminates keep you extra stable as you find your top end speed on the groomers. (MSRP: $950.00)

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