With nearly 20 million people in the United States participating in kayaking at least once in 2023, it’s no wonder this pastime has become a favorite for so many.

You’ve had your fair share of paddling adventures, conquering tranquil rivers and exploring hidden coves in your trusty kayak companion. You’ve been through a lot together, enjoying sun-drenched days spent gliding across glassy lakes, navigating adrenaline-pumping sections of rapid waters with precision, and appreciating the quiet thrill of discovering a secluded beach – your kayak has been your partner in creating unforgettable memories.

But whether you’re a seasoned angler casting a line for your next trophy catch or a casual paddler seeking serenity on the water, when it’s time to hang up the paddle for a while or wait until the next river trip, proper storage is key to keeping your kayak in tip-top shape.

Here at Benson Ski and Sport, we know how much your kayak means to you, which is why we’ve created this guide to ensure it stays adventure-ready for years to come.


Finding the Right Place to Store Your Kayak 

The first step is choosing the right storage environment for your kayak. Here’s a breakdown of indoor and outdoor storage options:

  • Indoor Storage: Garages, sheds, and basements offer ideal protection from the elements. This is particularly important for kayaks exposed to harsh winters or intense sunlight. Did you know that UV rays can degrade a kayak’s materials over time? Indoor storage minimizes this risk.
  • Outdoor Storage: If space is limited, outdoor storage is an option. However, it requires extra precautions. Consider a covered patio or a shaded area away from direct sunlight to protect your vessel from the elements as much as possible.  

Pro Tip: No matter the location, avoid storing your kayak on the ground. This can cause warping and damage to the hull.


Securing Your Kayak with the Right Support System 

Once you’ve chosen a spot, proper support is crucial. Here are some popular ways to support your kayak and keep it protected: 

  • Kayak Rack Systems: Wall-mounted or free-standing racks offer a secure and space-saving solution.
  • Sling Systems: Slings suspend your kayak from the ceiling, maximizing floor space. This is a great option for garages or sheds with limited floor area. 
  • Stacking: If you have multiple kayaks, stacking is an option. However, use padded supports between hulls to prevent scratches and pressure points. 

Remember: Always refer to your kayak’s owner’s manual for specific weight limitations and support recommendations.


Protecting Your Kayak from the Elements 

Even in ideal storage conditions, some protection is necessary. Here’s how to shield your kayak from the elements:

  • UV Protection: As mentioned earlier, UV rays are a major enemy of kayaks. Invest in a well-fitting kayak cover, especially if storing outdoors.
  • Dust and Debris: A cover also protects your kayak from dust, dirt, and unwanted critters.
  • Winter Woes: For off-season storage, ensure your kayak is completely dry before covering. Leaving moisture trapped inside can lead to mold growth. 

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Winterizing Your Kayak in the Off-Season 

For winter storage, take these extra steps to ensure your kayak emerges spring-ready:

  • Give it a Good Scrub: Remove any dirt, salt, or debris that could cause corrosion.
  • Open the Drain Plugs: Allow any trapped water to escape and prevent freezing.
  • Condition the Hull: Apply a UV protectant to maintain the kayak’s luster and prevent fading.
  • Store Paddles and Accessories Indoors: Paddles and other gear are best stored in a dry, temperature-controlled environment.

This simple storage guide will help you ensure your kayak is prepped and ready for your next day out on the water. Remember, proper storage extends the lifespan of your kayak, saving you money in the long run.

So follow these tips to ensure your kayak weathers any storm and remains your trusty, water-wading companion for many adventures to come.

Happy paddling!


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